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Named after the first African-American physician in Palm Beach County, T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society (TLJMS) is a professional organization that focuses on helping underserved populations in our community. TLJMS provides health education programs, youth mentoring programs, speakers on health issues, as well as health fair medical screenings to school children and adults. We also provide scholarships for deserving students, and other healthcare, education, and youth development services.

As dedicated minority healthcare professionals, we actively work together to improve health and wellness, access to quality care, and academic and career opportunities for underserved populations. We are in a unique position to bring the healthcare needs of the community to the forefront and to create new protocol standards that will impact the future of healthcare.

A constituent association of the National Medical Association, we are a membership organization made up primarily of African-American healthcare professionals, although membership is open to other healthcare professionals from any ethnic and racial background.

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